Thursday, December 13, 2007

Network Television: No Longer Suitable for Children

I haven't watched much television since 1999. That was the year I became a mommy, enough said. Lately I've been tuning in to primetime television more often and am saddened by what is considered acceptable on "regular" television. Anything goes these days, the b-word is no longer considered off limits the a-word is just another name for a body part it seems. Adultery, murder, stealing, drug use, just another day in the life of the average Joe, at least if Joe is a character on primetime television, or daytime television for that matter. Am I the only one who is embarrassed by our standards as a society? There was a time when the "adult" programs were broadcast only after the nightly news when children were in bed. Today any child with a television set can get a beginners course in curse words at any time of the day. Admittedly, I am more conservative then most parents I know personally, and sadly a lot of them are decades older then I am. Why are good values and proper parenting becoming a thing of the past? What can we do about all of the inappropriate sights and sounds that are broadcast each day? In my home, my son knows that he is only allowed to watch Disney channel (and the occasional cartoon network Scooby Doo episode), can't be in the living room if the news is on, and that pg and g movies are the only choices for kids. My son recently asked me why a certain pop singers mother allowed her to dress inappropriately. Good question, too bad the entire country doesn't ask it. We have become a world that accepts any and all behavior, after all, we wouldn't want to be considered politically incorrect, or judgemental. Children today have little time to be children, it seems that not only are they eager to grow up quickly, but their parents are eager for the same. I intend to keep my child a child for as long as I can. I have explained to him repeatedly why his mommy sets limits and rules that other parents do not. He is not always happy with the safeguards I have imposed, but he knows that I do what I do because of my love for him.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

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Attention All Parents: WAKE UP!

Watch the news and you will hear it, open a magazine you will read it, take a look at the world around you and you can't help but see it: Kids behaving badly. I won't bore you by recounting the many stories of children becoming violent towards others and themselves. I know you are aware that teenage girls are becoming mothers before they are old enough to vote. I trust that you've heard the alarming statistics about young minority males and our justice system. The world around us is deteriorating, fast. Why you ask are the kids today so self-destructive and self-centered? The short answer, insufficient parenting. Most parents are either too lazy, too busy, too scared, or too ignorant to set limits for their children and enforce them. The idea of wanting to be your child's friend is all too common today. My job as a parent is not just to feed, clothe, and shelter. My job is to be involved completely in every aspect of my child's life. There is no area of my child's life that I should not participate in. My child is not a small adult deserving of every privacy, privilege and choice that I have. The relationship between parent and child should resemble a dictatorship, not a democracy. I will never understand the desire parents have to be their child's friend, for surely that is not a part of the job description. Sadly, if you have never heard the words "I hate you" or "that's not fair" from your child, then you may not be doing a good job of parenting. I have no interest in gaining my child's friendship, only his respect. Children don't know what is best for them, nor will they until well into adulthood. I am calling upon all parents. It's time for a revolution! Let's start parenting our children! Let's change the face of our country, our world! I ask you to start with your children, begin today. We can make a difference in the world just by taking a greater interest in our most precious gifts, our kids.